October 28, 2021 3:53 am

Shops: when the state buys back the walls

The government has released 900 million new aid for traders and craftsmen and announces the creation of a public land, as there is already one in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis).

Shops: when the state buys back the walls

Opening the first cheese dairy in Saint-Denis in Seine-Saint-Denis, Éric Legros has long dreamed of it without having the means. But last November, he was able to launch his activity thanks to the city’s land company, a structure that buys buildings to rent them. This is the case with the shop that the cheese maker operates at a moderate price. “We have payment facilities since we pay 65% ​​of the rent the first year”, he explains.

80 other stores by 2028

The second, he will have to pay 75% of the rent and 100% the next. “It is a progressive rent, which makes it possible to retain a clientele”, he describes. The Saint-Denis property company plans to buy nearly 80 other shops by 2029. A welcome help according to the inhabitants. “There is still a lack of craftsmen”, confirms a client.