September 23, 2021 4:45 pm

“Pif Gadget” is back on newsstands

The character of BD Pif, appeared for the first time in the newspaper L’Humanité, is back on newsstands Wednesday, December 16.

BD: Pif Gadget is back on newsstands

Star of the playgrounds in the 70s and 80s, everyone remembers Pif Gadget. From 1969, when it was created, Pif had a secret boot: his incredible gadgets. For a whole generation bottle-fed with Bonux gifts, Pif and his gift become the holy grail of their childhood years. And there are mythical gadgets, like the leaping pea in 1971, a Pif printed in a million copies.

Return to newsstands

Pif Gadget is also inherited from Valiant, a communist newspaper with the values ​​of the Resistance. And like Valiant, Pif stands out from the American superheroes. From Gottlieb to Hugo Pratt, the great designers go through Pif. “We wanted to make a revolution which consisted in abandoning stories to follow, which lasted for tens of weeks, and to make full narratives”, explains Richard Medioni, editor-in-chief of Pif Gadget from 1969 to 1973. From the 1980s, Pif loses its soul, more commercial than pure comics, until the last issue in 1993. But Wednesday, December 16, it will finally be back on newsstands, with a new look and a new concept.