September 16, 2021 5:46 pm

Budget: measures that the government could forgo

In this rather sensitive back-to-school period, is the government giving up unpopular measures? The executive could decide to no longer seek to save on sick leave.

Budget: measures that the government could forgo

The government is playing the appeasement card. He could give up certain savings planned on sick leave. First measure that was envisaged: the mandatory waiting day. Concretely, the first day of sick leave could have been borne by the employee without compensation. The measure already exists for civil servants. A cut envisaged in the face of the explosion in spending on sick leave, up 5% per year, to the tune of 7.5 billion euros. But the mandatory waiting day would no longer be on the agenda.

The single sick leave compensation package?

Be careful also with regard to family allowances. It would no longer be considered to reduce allowances for the better-off. The priority is not to deflect public opinion. Another possible waiver: the change of rule for compensation for sick leave by Social Security. A single compensation package was envisaged. Today, the daily allowances do not exceed 1.8 minimum wage, but the amount of 0.9 minimum wage was mentioned; it would also be postponed. However, the issue of daily allowances could be raised again during the reform of occupational health. Emphasis will be placed on the prevention of occupational accidents.